USED INSTRUMENT RENTAL APPLICATION (ONLY available for students up to age 18 and in full time education) :


Please read the "TERMS OF THE RENTAL AGREEMENT" below.

If you are happy with the terms, go to "CHESHIRE MUSIC SHOP" page and select the instrument you wish to rent under the "RENTALS" page. A copy of the RENTAL CONTRACT will be posted out with the instrument for you to sign and return to Cheshire Music.

Click on the instrument you wish to rent, then register (sign up) with Cheshire Music. Then click on the correct "shipping" tab according to your instrument to verify order. You may then pay via Paypal (opens on a new web page), BACS or personal cheque payable to Cheshire Music. Before Cheshire Music can post out the instrument, you will need to provide 2 contact telephone numbers, the name of student learning the instrument and the school that they attend.

NOTE - if you live local to Sale or if you are signed up for lessons with Music For Life in Cheshire or live in Cheshire, the instrument CAN BE DELIVERED FREE OF CHARGE TO YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL DURING SEPTEMBER ONLY BEFORE LESSONS OFFICIALLY START. Outside of this time frame, the instrument can be collected or posted out at cost to your home address. Please e-mail: cheshiredr@gmail.com before making a payment by Paypal.

You will be contacted by e-mail or phone to confirm the rental availability within 24 hours in the majority of cases. I am processing rentals and instrument sales all the time, so please book early to avoid disappointment. All personal contact information is strictly confidential and will not be passed on to any third party.  If you have not been sent an e-mail order confirmation within 30 minutes, please e-mail: cheshiredr@gmail.com.



Cost of Rental:




£27 = 3 month rental for all used student instruments up to £350.




·        The supplied instrument case MUST be used when transporting the instrument to and from school.  

·        Care of the instrument is assumed the responsibility of the parent or guardian.  

·        The instrument, case and supplied accessories MUST be returned to cheshire Music on or before the end date of rental and in a similar condition unless you have switched to the interest free purchase scheme.*  

·        Insurance is the responsibility of the hirer. Your home policy may cover, but please check that cover includes travel back and forth from school.  

·        Any loss or damage should be reported immediately to Mr David Reynolds on behalf of Cheshire Music.  

·        The instrument remains the property of Cheshire Music until purchased.  

·        The supply of any instrument for rental is subject to the parent or guardian agreeing to these terms.  

·        Payment for rental is payable in advance before instrument is released for rental.  

·        Rental is available for up to 6 months to UK school pupils up to the age of 18. The instrument can then be purchased outright or you can purchase the instrument interest free by monthly or quarterly instalments.         

* A letter or e-mail will be sent out before the end of the rental period to explain the various options available, including the interest free purchase scheme.  



Payment may be made by cheque payable to Cheshire Music, BACS transfer or by Paypal to cheshiredr@gmail.com.

For BACS details, please contact Cheshire  Music. 

(NOTE - instrument cannot be issued until rental agreement has been signed and payment received).